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Sale of the plot of land Wrocław

Sale of Wroclaw Landplots

Selling a plot of land in Wrocław and its surroundings is often more difficult than selling a house or apartment. Many months of waiting for a potential customer, negotiations and interrupted conversations without a specific reason and hundreds of inquiries that do not bring any results are just some of the adversities that await the seller. It might seem that undeveloped land is a property whose sale should not cause major problems. Nothing could be further from the truth!
What to do to sell a plot of land in Wroclaw quickly and at a fixed price? Use the services of a professional Real Estate Agency. Our Qivi Property office has an experienced and professional team of agents who know exactly how to find the right Buyer willing to buy the proposed property. When deciding to sell a plot of land, we will perform a number of actions on behalf of the Seller, which will save not only time but also money that can be lost during the negotiation process. The first step will be to collect all the technical documents required for sale and prepare the documents that a potential buyer may ask for. The second step is to prepare advertising materials: professional photos, property description, marketing text describing the advantages of the location. The third stage is a broadly understood promotion among Clients from the market and Clients from our investor base.

Land sale - Cooperation with Qivi Property?

The whole process related to customer service and presentation of the plot is handled by our Real Estate Agency. Our wish is that our Clients do not have to invest their valuable time in the sales process and do not leave home to control the effects of our work by phone or e-mail.
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